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The Vintage Visage

Image Credits: Clem Onojeghuo

Vintage design style primarily is a representation of romantic, soft, flowing lines with elegant colors.

The occupants and the designers put in a lot of effort lovingly selecting the furniture and decor slowly and steadily so that the style grows and becomes the part of the personality of the occupant as well as the space.

Image Credits: Clem Onojeghuo

It helps antique enthusiasts that do not wish to fill up there spaces with heavy furniture and furnishings to decorate their spaces with the beautiful collectibles that add character to the interior.

Image Credits: Lindsay Moe

Primary color choices include grey, beige, sand and cream with an appropriate hint of light pinks & subtle blues.

Image Credits: Cody Hiscox

The space would also include natural materials like wood, stone, and forged elements with natural fabrics. The space should look like it was designed several decades ago with the trends of the past and it can be done by using old or artificially aged furniture or decor.

Image Credits: Arno Smit

This style is noble, calm and bright which accentuates the legacy of the material used

one can spot some exquisite vintage finds at flea markets like music boxes, antique clocks, old fashioned lamps and chandeliers , candlesticks, vases, books frames and figurines which will help out in creating the special atmosphere.

Image Credits: Tyler Nix

An additional tip: Decoration in vintage style is impossible and incomplete without the inculcation of flowers (both as pattern and natural) and potted plants would be appropriate too.

Image Credits:Alexandra Gorn

Comment down below your views about this everlasting design style

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