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It's the small business for me, Part-2

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Hi, welcome back to part two of the small business feature. I have come across some amazing small businesses and would be featuring some of them every month so that you can also check out their wondrous work. As I mentioned in the previous blog Social Media has been a great help for all the small businesses to do good in the tough situations. So, Kindly click on the Instagram links below the respective businesses and show them your support.

Wonder Wall

Wonder Wall is a small business that sells posters, stickers, and polaroid. Bhavya, the owner of Wonder Wall started this business about six months ago after her kind friend encouraged her. I purchased a poster from them, a month ago for my studio and it is an A3 size poster with great quality. She has a wide range of genres in the products she offers for example BTS, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Harry Potter, Naruto and much more.

I truly love my poster that I received from Wonder Wall, it was a Percy Jackson poster from my favorite book series.

My business is very close to my heart, guaranteed it is a lot of hard work but it brings me immense joy.

Bhavya, Wonderwall

Top Qualities of Wonderwall from my perspective

  • PRICE RANGE: 6/- to 150/- rupees

  • High-Quality Products

  • wide range of genres

  • COD available

  • Mode of Purchasing: DM her on Instagram

Check out their Instagram for more amazing products and information:



Started by Saniya Bahalwa, on February 6, 2021, this small business is the answer to all your printing needs. From Packaging inserts to polaroid, these Bestsellers from SanArt will surely take your small business branding and packaging to another level.

Saniya has worked hard and had this laborious yet gorgeous journey, within 3 years which made her gather a whole lot of experience for SanArt to be a success. Her mum, dad, and brother showed her utmost support and courage. We love a boss lady and a supportive family.

Top Qualities of SanArt from my perspective

  • PRICE RANGE: Package inserts start from 2/- rupees and polaroid come in a set of 50 for 100/- rupees

  • High-Quality Products

  • Beautiful Packaging

  • Range of Products: (small businesses ASSEMBLE!!) packaging inserts- stickers, cards and also check out their jewelry business combo set

  • Mode of Purchasing: Check out their website for price and measurement details and then you can DM her on Instagram

Check out their Instagram for more amazing products and information:

Olive Green Bath and Body

Olive Green Bath and Body, a small business that provides you with natural skincare products like Soap bars, body scrubs, lip balms, face masks, and much more. Saranya, the founder of this small business, was on the lookout for good quality handmade soaps for her son, but sadly found all the commercial handmade products to be very expensive.

so, she learned to make natural skincare products herself. As an environment-conscious business owner myself, I appreciate Saranya's eco-friendly choices. We must truly believe that our small steps will make a huge difference.

Top Qualities of Olive Green Bath and Body from my perspective

  • PRICE RANGE: 85/- rupees to 750/- (for a combo pack)

  • Affordable products

  • Beautiful Packaging

  • Range of Products: soap bars, lip balms, face masks, Special shout out to their disposable mini strips which is by the way a great option considering the current situation and future travels as well.

  • Mode of Purchasing: You can place an order on their Website

Check out their Instagram for more amazing products and information:


If you are new here,

Hi, I am Sugandha, a small business owner myself and I sell affordable stationery. you can check out the products from Naturally Timeless and shop

Follow Naturally Timeless on Instagram:

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