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Since the last year, we have witnessed that a lot of people have the gift and a knack for starting their own business and performing exceptionally well in their respective fields. That's when small businesses come into play. Social media has been able to bring us some incredible businesses over a couple of years and we are living for it.

Every small business has this character attached along with its products that represents the owner. The personalized messages, handmade products, exceptional unboxing experiences are some highly acknowledged pros of a small business.


Following are some amazing small businesses and you should

check them out:


Kiss Beauty is a brand that believes in sustainability and brings forward some gorgeous press-on nails and is budget-friendly.

There is an ease of application and removal of these press-on nails at your home. The existing designs are so attractive but can be customized according to your preference too, my ideal variant is 'Caramel Kick'. You would receive a set of 24 reusable nails along with a small manicure kit. These days it is imperative that we truly give sustainable beauty a chance as businesses and as customers as well and Kiss Beauty is an excellent alternative to monthly trips to the nail salon on a budget. They provide you with great service and I think you should give them a shot.

Top reasons to buy from Kiss Beauty:

  • Sustainable and reusable

  • Budget-friendly

  • Exceptional designs

  • Fine and sturdy packaging

Special shoutout to Shraddha and her team, you all are doing a great job.



Anupama is an embroidery marvel according to me. She started embroidering in 2018, inspired by embroidery artists around the world, she understood that she had discovered her talent. After creating gifts for friends and family, Anupama started her Instagram Account showcasing her skill. Moving forward she also commenced taking custom orders, hosting workshops, furthermore curated her embroidery DIY kits.

I guess the best part is that how a small business thrives when a loving and supporting community is built around it and the same happened with Hoopables.

Top reasons to buy from Hoopables:

  • Custom Designs

  • Splendid Packaging

  • Embroidery Workshops (if you are interested in learning something new this year)

  • Beautiful artwork from a girl filled with talent

Life was a rollercoaster (which it still is) and embroidery was my escape. I found my mother's old stash of embroidery threads and hoops and decided to give it a go. - Anupama (Founder, Hoopables)



The Aesthetic Apothecary is a small business built by three 18-year-olds. A business that started for fun, emerged to help out tailors that were highly affected due to the prevailing situation and lost their jobs. Numerous tailors were allowed to work and be a part of this budding small business. They offer great quality scrunchies and also support in providing job opportunities to people affected by the current scenario. From presenting livelihood to tailors to handpicking materials from local stores, this small business is helping out more small businesses.

Top reasons to buy from The Aesthetic Apothecary:

  • Beautiful high-quality scrunchies

  • Materials sourced from local stores and small businesses

  • Impressive packaging

  • Thoughtful business

  • They have BTS inspired scrunchies set (If that does not tempt you to check out The Aesthetic Apothecary I don't know what will)



Started in 2019, Vaanya Soap Co. is a small sustainable online shop for all-Natural, handcrafted with love and care and zero-waste personal care.

As a small business, it takes a lot of determination and investment to dive into the pool of Sustainability. Everything at Vaanya Soap Co. is 100% plastic-free, be it packaging or shipping. To be honest, I have ordered my set of goodies from Vaanya and the quality of the products, the service, shipping everything is such a pleasant experience. Lavanya, the face behind Vaanya Soap co. finds it as her mission to make zero-waste, sustainable living as accessible as possible. She has been able to build this strong eco-conscious community and because of her, even I am inspired to gradually shift to zero-waste packaging for my small business as well.

My favorite picks would be soap bars in the variant Cedar Zest and Moonflower and the soap savers are my all-time ideal product.

Top reasons to buy from Vaanya Soap Co.

  • High-quality personal care products

  • Zero-waste, sustainable packaging

  • All the products are handcrafted with love and care

  • All the material is sourced locally and from other small businesses as well

  • If you have not yet checked out her ASMR packaging videos you are missing out.

Living eco-consciously has been assumed to be a part of an elite lifestyle for far to long, and I hope Vaanya is able to change that mindset in people, and welcome them to the other side, where the grass is definitely Greener. - Lavanya (Founder, Vaanya Soap Co.)




The Jaipur Tradition is a brand that brings you 925 Silver Jewelry at an affordable expense. Compared to,999 soft Silver, 925 silver is much harder and can be made into unique durable pieces of jewelry

Each piece of jewelry is a result of skilled and exquisite Craftsmanship from Jaipur. The Jaipur Tradition wants to bring a revolution by presenting you jewelry pieces that have value, quality, and prices that are highly competitive to those of junk or cheap metal jewelry. They have recently introduced personalized jewelry, you can get anything engraved and it would also count as a unique gifting option.

Among the gorgeous pieces available, my ideal choice would be the 1-yard necklace and minimalistic personalized jewelry.

Top reasons to buy from The Jaipur Tradition

  • High-quality Jewelry

  • Affordable Pricing

  • Unique pieces

  • Beautiful Packaging

  • Pieces so diverse and unique everybody would love them



Also, check out my small business!!

We sell Notebooks, bookmarks, stickers and soon would be introducing some more exciting products such as postcards and journals so follow me on Instagram to stay updated with new product launches.

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Thank you so much to Kiss Beauty, Hoopables by Anupama, The Aesthetic Apothecary, Vaanya Soap co. & The Jaipur Tradition for partnering up with me for this blog feature.
Please check out their Instagram profiles and follow them.


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