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Interior Design: Myths and Facts

Updated: May 7, 2019

Like any other industry, Interior Design industry also carries some myths around with its tag but there are some regular apprehensions which can be cleared out with the right facts.

Image Credits: Christopher Burns

So, following are some myths that revolve around this industry and some supporting facts that might help you form a new opinion:

# It's a female oriented/inclined industry

- Anyone can have a creative sense and can become an interior designer. The industry is not gender biased.

Image Credits: Annie Spratt

# Designers just play with colors and fabrics

- As designers we intend to make a space more functional and practical so that the occupant can feel that the space represents them well.

Colors and fabrics are just a part of the whole design concept.

Image Credits: Volha Flaxeco

# Designers are just for rich

- Designers are not exorbitant as it all depends upon the design, the services offered and the materials used to make the design successful.

Image Credits: Katie Harp

# Designers won't be able to reflect your personal taste

- Every individual has a unique sense of style and if it's put across with a clear mind to the designer, the designer would make sure to bring out your personal taste to life.

Image Credits: Amy Hirschi

# Designers wont be able to give you a livable space

- Designers put in a lot of effort to convert your thoughts of a dream space into a reality. So make sure you would choose an appropriate designer that would suit your style and budget.

Image Credits: Andrew Neel

I hope that these myths and facts have helped you find out more about this field and about the designers and this would come in as a guiding tool for you to choose your next designer without any hassles and doubts.

Image Credits: Patrick Perkins

Comment down below your opinions regarding this industry.

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