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Common Interior Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Image Credits:Le Creuset

1) Measure Your Space Well

Before purchasing different sized furniture always measure your space, you can also use a colorful chalk to mark and draw out furniture on the floor so that you can understand the basic placement and how fit the proportion would be before you go for a heavy purchase.

Image Credits: Sven Mieke

2) Do Not Put Your Furniture All Joined To The Walls

Bringing in the furniture pieces a little bit closer to each other would encourage feeling of more personal and healthy conversation between the occupants. You should place the furniture in such a way that everyone should feel cozy.

Image Credits: Kara Eads

3) Curate Your Style Slowly

There is nothing wrong in purchasing a furniture set that you like but when you buy furniture pieces one by one you are more likely to purchase something that reflects your style perfectly rather than having to buy everything in bulk you eventually develop a space that represents your personality.

Image Credits: Toa Heftiba

4) Hanging Your Wall Art On Wrong Height

That beautiful painting might lose its charm if it’s hung way up high. The art, wall hangings and shelves should be placed near your eye level or else the space won’t look proportionate.

Image Credits: Alexandra Gorn

5) Hanging Curtains Very Low

When visitors enter your house, the setting of your house should encourage an upward eye movement. By curtains low you are not giving them that required visual aid and it makes your home look smaller.

An additional advice- prefer choosing a fabric that does not affect or confuse the eye movement along with a soothing color because trust me you don’t want to wake up looking at a big printed curtain every day.

Image Credits: Jon Tyson

Comment down below some mistakes that you might have noticed and how can we correct them.

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