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About Dark Interiors

Image Credits;Alexandra Gornago

The interior design industry boomed with the advent of white in all white interiors

The color brought grace, light and good vibes in the rooms in which it was incorporated and made the occupants feel this radiant energy

But now if we think about it Does it really affect interiors that much?

Can dark interiors be incorporated in the upcoming residential projects?

People have become accustomed to the grace that all white walls provide and they throw in some blues and greens to bring in that pop of color

They do not feel comfortable in having dark colored walls around them

Following are the reasons why dark interiors should be the next choice of your new project

1) Dark interiors can bring out the best in a room

You won't find it monotonous to place a bright yellow chair along with a dark colored wall as it would help the chair pop out and make it a focal point of the room.

Image credits: Mike Marquez

2) An all-white interior tends to get boring

It is said that one should paint a small room with less or no light, white... But truthfully that might make the room look dull and depressing

So, add those dark hues like black olive that would give the space an abundance of interest

3) Don't play it safe

White is a safe bet but painting is the cheapest game changer for any room. Dark interiors would exaggerate the beauty of the room and the pieces put in it in a good way.

Image Credits: Nikita Kachanovsky

4) Dark interiors can support any design style

You can put together any style along with dark backgrounds whether it's boho or modern and it would accentuate the design even more

Image Credits: Aaina Sharma

Still apprehensive to paint the walls dark?

Try putting some dark furniture into your surroundings to get used to having dark colors around you and eventually you might feel comfortable with the idea of dark interiors.

Image Credits; Jean Philippe Delberghe

Comment down below how would you like to incorporate dark colors in the interiors of your space.

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