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5 Tips to reduce Visual Clutter in your surroundings

Sometimes when you clean your surroundings, it can be your bedroom, office or any other space, you still might feel some kind of distress even after deep cleaning everything.

This might be because of the visual clutter. These are the things that are not in the correct place even after being organised. Such things that individually won't make that much of a difference but together they make your space look cluttered.

So, Lets get started with the tips that might help you De-clutter your space visually.

1) Repairing something that is not working since a long time.

That light that doesn't work or that curtain that keeps on falling every morning when you are trying to open them dramatically just because the hang rail is not adjusted or fixed properly.

I have just one solution for that - "REPAIR IT"

We all have some areas in our homes that require some fixing, you know it but still choose to ignore it for the longest period possible. You know who you all are.

Don't worry I can be that person too.

But after you have fixed that lamp on your bedside table and that chipped off paint on your dresser, everything will slowly and steadily start to look and work so much better because the things in your surroundings would be serving a purpose again.

2) Having too many options of one thing.

We all love a bed with 50 different pillows, I do too honestly but practically that makes no sense if you have to throw your extra pillows on the floor in the night only to put them back on the bed the next morning.

Unless and until that thing is not serving you a great purpose, don"t bring it in. This would help you save some Money and make your visual look more simple and efficient.

3) Reduce the number of things on your counter tops

It is visually too hectic when you keep too much on the surfaces that all those things might look out of the place or not of everyday use even if they are.

So, kindly put that cookbook in the drawer and those heavy appliances back in their respective cabinets after you are done using them .

Just having your bare essentials on the counter tops will make the area look more spacious and functional.

4) Straight lines are our friends

When you have pieces of art work hanging on on your wall make sure to straighten them, because when one notices a simple and smallest alignment issue with the lines, there is a minute psychological distress that occurs.

So, take your Time in making sure all the pictures and wall hangings are aligned straight.

5) Choose A cohesive Colour Palette

Colors play a vital role in how you respond to your surroundings and striking a perfect balance with colors is quiet important and you can do that by choosing a color palette you resonate with the most and then design your space according to it.

You can add some pieces that can help you achieve some pop of color in otherwise a mundane room.

For eg. a colorful piece of art work on the wall as a focal point or some colorful printed or textured pillows on your sofa.

Adding pop of color in moderation will make your space feel and look visually de-cluttered and inviting

Those were my top tips to reduce visual clutter in our surroundings.

Comment down below some more ways that we all can reduce visual clutter in our surroundings.

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