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What’s your design style?

Image Credits: Heather M. Edwards

There are many different design styles with which one can create a livable space.

Following are 7 major design styles that are solely and sometimes used in mix and match by the designers:

 Farmhouse: Classic, elegant and comfortable, this style gives you the opportunity to with a wide variety of accessories and furnishings that would provide a touch of inimitable personality to your home.

Image Credits: Sonnie Hiles

 Modern: Fresh designs made with simple straight lines that add a sense of simplicity to space. The monochrome palettes are one of the most distinctive characteristics of this design style.

Image Credits: John Hoang

 Industrial: Many of the emerging city centers started refurbishing and transforming old manufacturing facilities into living spaces. This is how this design style emerged as one of the holy grail for the designers. The exposed brickwork, pipes and beams are some of the main features that resonate with this design style.

Image Credits: Toa Heftiba

 Traditional: They are highly inspired by the old European decor and include heavy furniture and fittings that are still very stylish and elegant. Rich tones, dark wood, and sophisticated colors are some key elements of this design style. Symmetry too is one of the vital aspects of this style.

Image Credits: Khanh Dang

 Rustic: Theatrical features like reclaimed wood are one of the key elements that this design style is known for. Raw, neutral tones along with diverse textures of stone are the major aspects for which this design style is adopted by the designers as they tend to bring out the natural look and feel of the element that is added into space.

Image Credits: Kristine Weilert

 Boho: Bohemian or rather ‘boho’ interior design style is known to provide the occupants with nomadic and ethnic vibes. Purposefully the things are placed in a messy way so one will often find them as an amalgamation of various elements like textured rugs and pillows and charms.

Image Credits: Josh Hemsley

 Minimalist: Flourishing on its core principle “less is more” this design style takes some of the best elements and displays them in all their glory. Major elements would include ultra clean lines and furnishings that would have nothing flamboyant about them but still carry the quality to make a space livable and lovable.

Image Credits: Dawid Liberadzki

Comment down below your favorite design style.

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