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Milan Series: The One With the Home

So I and Ashnoor visited Milan in the absolute summer of 2018 at the end of July and stayed there till the start of August. We went there to attend a short summer course in Interior Design for Hotels and we were there for about 2 weeks. We were in search of a place to stay which came under our budget and was closer to our college.

Image courtesy: Ravi Roshan

Other amenities that we were looking for were of course air conditioning and Wi-Fi as we would have needed the Wi-Fi for completing our project and talk with our families back in India. We couldn’t have stayed at a hotel because it would have been unnecessarily expensive for us. So we looked for a beautiful Airbnb near Navigilli area that was offering us some amenities like Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, washer and dryer, geyser, cooking hob, utensils, refrigerator, etc.

Image Courtesy: Andrew Neel

Another plus point for that particular Airbnb that we chose was that our senior stayed there for the same course and we got to know a better insight about the place. When we reached

Milan, Ashnoor was in a constant connection with our hosts, Nicholas and his wife Veronica, while I was getting awestruck by the beauty of the city that we had stepped in. Thank god for Ashnoor as I could have just stood there for hours and hours just looking around.

Image Courtesy: Jorge Flores

The hosts were guiding us the way to reach the house and they were waiting for us at Airbnb. They helped us with our bags and let us in the home. It was a beautiful & colorful apartment. So they guided us through the apartment like the greatest hosts anyone could have. They gave us an idea of the whereabouts of the manuals of the electrical appliances that were installed in the apartment like the air conditioner, washing machine, etc.

Image Courtesy: Kal Visuals

They showed us where all other things like pots and pans, and if the electricity tripped, how were are supposed to fix it (that involves another story overall). And they also explained to us the garbage disposal system that the whole building followed. They both made sure we knew the basics of the apartment, had all the emergency contacts and were absolutely comfortable. At that particular night, we were really tired from the jet lag to explore the apartment clearly so we dozed off.

Image Courtesy: Adam Grabek

Our apartment was a 15-minute walk away from our college. So every day we used to walk to our college for our class. We used to come back to our apartment, take some rest, video call our families and prepare some food, we used to try that we finished our work of that day at the college itself so that we got to relax a bit at home. We used to change into some comfortable clothes and go out for some walk, explore the beautiful neighborhood and streets around our home. Then on the way back home we used to buy some groceries for the next morning from Auchan (a general store), that was near our home. So, that was our experience at our Airbnb.

Image Courtesy: Clarisse Meyer

The following is the link to our apartment in Milan.... do have a look because it's absolutely beautiful and brings back a lot of memories for us and might give you a chance to create your own memories too whenever you visit this beautiful city.

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